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Hello, Ciao,안녕하세요, Hallo, Hola, Selamat tengahari! My name is Rachael and I am a travel enthusiast. Ever since I can remember, my parents have taken my brother, sister and I on good ol' American road trips. It's safe to say that was where my interest in new places, people and experiences was ignited. As my parents always encouraged my siblings and I to explore and ask questions, I developed a sincere curiosity for new adventures. In addition to seeing much of the United States with my favorite travel companions (my family), I had the opportunity to spend a semester in Rome, Italy, as well as a semester in Seoul, South Korea during my college career. Now, I am honored to be taking part in a Fulbright ETA Scholarship to Malaysia for a year! My family's favorite motto is "Life is all about the journey, not the destination." I invite you to join along in my journey of cultural exchange and mutual understanding in Malaysia! After all, the more, the merrier.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Chesley's Malaysian Adventure: Perhentian Islands

After five days in my village, I took my family to Perhentian Islands to soak up sun and relax!
After five days in my village, I took my family to my little corner of Paradise, Perhentian Islands. While there, my family soaked in the tropical, beach setting and admired the crystal clear, pure blue ocean water. An island vacation was definitely something new for my family, as our usual Paradise is the Great West.

Sharila Resort, Perhentian Kecil.
It was very secluded and peaceful.
We stayed at a nice little resort, Sharila, that looked over Romantic Beach with a gorgeous view of the sunset over the South China Sea. Under a little shack-roofed café, we sipped coconut milk out of huge coconuts that had fallen from the trees aligning the seashore. Under the moonlight, we sank our toes in the sand at Ombak Café and enjoyed delicious food and an outdoor movie with great new friends.

A boulder on the beach we swam at. If you look closely at
the middle of boulder, you can see the head of the monkey
that dove into the water.
After snorkeling one morning and exploring the sea, we basked in the warm sunlight of the nearby beach. Although this beach was a bit rocky, we enjoyed the view and the perfect water. As my mom and I sat chatting on the shore, we watched my dad, brother and sister swimming with their heads in the water and their bright snorkels sticking up above the ripples in the water. In the midst of our conversation, we saw a huge, wild monkey on top of a boulder that reached out into the water. We had been warned about the “wild, vicious monkey” that hung around the area. We quickly jumped up and moved away. Then, what we saw next completely shocked us -the monkey literally dove into the water and started swiftly swimming right towards the three in the water. My mom and I yelled for them to get out of the water, but with their ears submersed they could not hear our calls. From ashore, it was quite terrifying, but somehow the monkey became distracted and began to swim in a different direction. Lesson learned: Monkeys can swim, and they are not bad at it.

The Perhentians was a nice place to unwind and relax together, before my family had to start their journey back home to America. After the Perhentians, my family headed back to Besut with me and together we took an overnight bus to Kuala Lumpur.

The boat ride out to the island!
My brother and I enjoying the moonlight of Long Beach!
Romantic Beach at Sharila!

The sand and shells were perfect in the warm sunlight!
The entry dock to the Perhentian Islands. I was so
excited to introduce my family to my little corner of Paradise!

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